Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Little foot~

Okay seriously, how can you not fall in love with this little foot ?? This is Christina's grandchild's foot in the womb, kicking it's mama in the gut! I am quite excited about this little ones birth. You have to understand I have adored Chris' children forever, they are really really good kids. and Christina is so lucky... because Her sweet daughter Jeanine, married a wonderful gentle man, and Mike married that adorable Megan.......yeah Chris is blessed, and she totally knows it :0).

I had a nice lunch yesterday....... the food was so good I ended up getting cheese tortellini, with spinach, pine nuts, feta cheese, all lightly sauteed with fresh garlic and olive oil.......... Delicious is all that I can say. Although I think before it all began I might of started to get my first real migraine....... Sorry Chris, but i think i've lied to you in the past, those times when i told you I had a migraine......... Yesterday morning I woke up fine and happy, all excited about lunch with the girls.... but ever so quickly my eyes started to loose focus.. it was like what happens to your vision for a moment after you have a "flash" *ie photo taken in your eyes. but this didn't go away and within 10 minutes i could not see at all, there was this bright orb of light and this zig zaged bright light going right across my line of vision, I panicked, Katie got so worried, she said later she was almost ready to call 911, instead I managed to call Christina, who in the past was the "queen" of migraines. She told me to immed take Motrin, and go lie down in a cool dark place....... so 800 mg of Ibuprofen, cool wash cloth, dark room, 1 hour nap.... I woke up nauseated, and bright sunlight hurt my head, but I was able to focus again. I came so close to not going......... so close, but i decided to go anyhow...... I think i did fine, I must admit now, that i had a dull headache behind my eyes, and Chris, that "laughing" jag we had on your porch..... gave me a pretty good headache.... i laid down as soon as I got home and kept something over my eyes...... Speaking of which,I got called yesterday by not one but two of the Golden Girls, Hi Patti, Hi Kim....i'll try and call this evening, I am on call at Kiski, from 6pm Wednesday evening until 10 am Thursday morning..... but hopefully i won't be needed.

I am excited today is one of my first visits with my "diet" coach from the Weight loss study program that i am working with from Pittsburgh UPMC. I have to see her weekly....... we are going to discuss all my data to date, talk about how I have been eating while I have NOT been on any dietary restrictions........ discuss my data from the week that I put on the "level of activity monitor" It is time to start working on changing some habits to help me in the future. I will be with this "coach" for 2 to 3 years. but the first few months I have to see her every week.... I'll know more after today's appointment. Oh yeah, and I forgot that i volunteer to help Christina on Weds...... which I love love love to do...... i am getting so good with that Cash register, really I am.... Hey Chris, i may just come directly down there after my appointment.....I'll let you know :0).

Well I should go get a shower, and get ready..... I have been so busy the past two day's i haven't even cared about the house work at this point..... Hey but it can wait until Thursday, wait........ yeah Andrew has a doctor appointment Thursday....oh and Sam has a dental...... okay it can wait until Friday..........opps i work until 7 pm at Kiski on Friday and Saturday. .... gee what happened to Summer rest???

I'll let you know how my appointment in Pittsburgh went.

Hi Gina, it was so good seeing you..... and I must say girl, you are looking really good, keep up the good work :0)

Kellie, how you doing? Haven't heard from you in a while, but i always pray that God is keeping your family safe

Patti, If i don't call you back today, i'll try and give you a call tomorrow

Kimmie, We had a good chat Sunday, and I'll try and give you a buzz later

Christina, it was good to see you yesterday, I mean i haven't seen you since the weekend of the parties, minus the few minutes I saw you when i was fixing my tire, or i should say when your Michael was fixing my tire :0). it seems I just jumped into work again..... Ahh Fall, and new baby just around the corner.... i think you'll be seeing me again soon. I'll prob see you today

Luv ya all

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