Monday, August 04, 2008

Cool Evenings.......

Well the weather has been absolutely beautiful! Sunshine and NO humidity! I spent so much time on my porch throughout the day and the evening....... Patti the air is so different without the high humidity. I think I'll head out there shortly for my morning coffee!!!
I am taking Sammy and a group of his friends to a local historical amusement park this morning (Idelwild) i am surprised he's not awake yet, because he is so excited. He is growing up sooooooooo fast, and he has become a very social butterfly...... he is my baby! but he's not a baby anymore!!!! So lets see, take Sam and his friends to the Park, come home and get ready to take Andrew for his first set of allergy shots, Bill and I may go out to get a bite to eat, then go and retrieve the boys from Idelwild!!! I'd like to go for a walk today too, i walked on Saturday, I am starting out by taking every other day off to give my knee a rest, as i incorporate more exercise. I am going to be on Call most of the week for Kiski, therefore i prob should spend my evenings close by! at this point I live 4 miles away from there, and I can get there in a few minutes.... hope nobody gets sick through the night.
Make it a good week folks....... Monday is here!!!

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