Sunday, August 24, 2008

feeling really good.

Okay, here I am at Kiski, took care of a lot of my "Paperwork" and realized I haven't blogged all weekend. Saturday was my one day off. And I don't think I have another day off for like 9 days?? But I must be honest here, as a rule, I feel great. I really do. My job here truly has a 0 stress level, even if it is busy, there isn't stress. And I will find out on Tuesday about my other job, I know it is easy....... but the unknown of what I am to do has me a little stressed. I am finding that keeping my appointment book with me and updated at ALL times, being organized, really has helped me. Kids start school tomorrow. I don't think any of them really mind. I'll make sure they are ready, and then I come into work at 7am. ....... and so my week begins!!

back to feeling so good. . . . I think I've figured out what combination of blood pressure medicine is working for me.... I went off the norvase, and within 72 hours I can tell the difference. Eating and Calorie wise I am doing awesome.... exercise or I should say an exercise routine doesn't begin for 2 weeks, but I am still putting in some walks/hikes or using the elliptical trainer. I guess I am getting my body to adjust from the withdrawal of sugar and excess calories, so they do not "throw" exercise in at the same time, ....... that will be the focus in 2 more weeks!!!....... ah the week I go to the beach :0).

I am finding that I am not afraid to talk about the lap band anymore, I used to be, and then i figured what the heck...... there is Nothing that Everyone will be happy with..... and it is too emotionally tiring trying to please everyone......

Well I think that is all I'll chat about today.......I have a few more things to do before I leave. but the good thing is .......I am coming back in the AM, so what I don't get done tonight, I have all day tomorrow.

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