Sunday, July 13, 2008

Waking up in time for Bed~~~~

Well I am exhausted, obviously so...... after Kimmie left at 2ish, i told Bill and my brother who came over for "leftovers", that i was going to lie down for a while, and if i fell asleep when Bro was leaving, i showed him the package of extra food he was to take home. I fell asleep around 3pm.... i think Corey came in once and asked if they could go into town to play basketball, i think i said yes........ and then I wake up at almost 8 pm.

The Party went really well, and of course we had tons of food! it was decorated nice, and i had lots of help. Thank you Kim and Lydia and Kris you had the place looking beautiful. AND a big thank you to Christina, Chris you are the best friend anyone could have, and you put up with me too!!! my brothers think you have the most wonderful family from You and Larry, to your kids and kids in law. No matter what goes on in this world..... you are one blessed woman in your own little world ( i said that right didn't I???) And your cake was the talk of the party...... a 3D candy land cake......... awesome. i will try and post a picture of it when i get one tomorrow.... Well i might as well stop babbling, because there aren't words to express my gratitude.
Princess Katie was the Best i've ever seen her in a social position, she made everyone that walked into the door feel like they were the ones she was just waiting for all day long. She watched the tables, and anyone sitting alone, she was over there talking to them. I was proud of her. :-), now a couple years break, and it begins again...
My sinus's are acting up, and i am wheezing slightly at night.... it's not pulling me down, but i must say i am being cautious....... so worried to get in the predicament i was in 6 months ago.
All my brothers were there, and i must tell you...... i am so proud and adore each and everyone of them...... I know that my mom and dad where smiling down from heaven....and i am sure they are proud of the family they worked so hard to raise...... they did something right, and i guess they have front row seats to enjoy it all.
Patti, Bills boogy man wings were awesome...... i mean they just keep getting better and better... He and Albert were the best Host's.
it was a nice day..... but i am going to need a couple days of rest to catch up.

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