Friday, July 18, 2008


This is by far my least favorite weather, I don't even mind 20 below 0 My home is cool, and i can tolerate my porch in the early morning and late evenings. not that I have had time. I've been so busy this week and i am looking at next week and it seems to be my personal planner is filling up rather quickly. With Doctor appointments, Dental appointments, Ortho appointments, a day or two of Work....
Andrew now has the braces on........ as soon as his teeth straighten out enough, both his jaws will be broken and put back in place, it should be next year right after school is out or right after football season...
Christina has been so busy, but I've managed to see her a little here and there, now that the weekend is here, I doubt I'll see her, next week there will be alot of prepping for Megan's shower, and she is having another family party the day after Megan's party........ so it will be a busy time, Chris has been hosting parties for so long, she doesn't blink an eye. Her and Patti could go into a pretty good business here.
Not sure what my plans are for tomorrow....... I think it is going to be another hot one... it will be nice if i can have a relaxing weekend, esp after last weeks busy schedule. If God sees fit, I'll prob start working at the Methadone Clinic soon. But i still have to wait on God and see if this is the direction he wants me in.

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