Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just for a minute......

just wanted to stop in for a second before I head back down to the club house for day/party number 2.
First thing first, um Cliff, I'll make sure i ask Katie that...... cause umm well, you see, umm, you just don't seem the "golden" boy type to me. i am just sayin'.
Kim i got your message.......the dang golf course does not get good reception at all, and sometimes it isn't even worth calling back :)
it is going to be another busy day for me. Yesterday i think i came home at almost 7pm and then i showered and went directly to bed........ My brother Doug was here, he is so sweet and didn't need entertaining, and i am comfortable enough with him to just go to bed when i was sooooooooo tired.
Happy Birthday too my newest little great nephew. Mathew Michael. He was born on his big brother's Second Birthday. Happy Second Birthday Mason Henry. Yesterday my bro Doug, became a grandpa for the second time, he is on cloud nine


Kellie said...

He looks soooo sweet. Congrats to your brother and family.
Love ya

Cliff said...

What ummm exactly is an ummm golden boy, Sandi?