Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back from the Doctors

So I go to work, leave work to make my 11:30am appointment, Didn't get seen until 12:45 p. I am not complaining and I do not mind waiting. And this Doctor is very busy, and He did take a lot of time with me and did not act rushed when he did see me..... i am just sayin' that is all.

~Well good good news is my lungs have remained clear without wheezing or complications, I seem to be getting an increase in nasal drainage the past couple days but i think that is from being around smoke this weekend. He wants me to get a grip on this now instead of waiting until it affects my lungs. So I am to stay away from smoke (cigarette, barbecue, bonfire) and start on my flonase again for a week, and keep on the Clairitin
~My blood pressure has gone down, but still up a little too high for the doctors liking. So i am going to take a very very low dose of diuretic with the blood pressure medicine i am currently taking
~I received the results to all of my blood work, and i mean he checked everything! and other than my Cholesterol being a few points above normal, that can be managed with exercise to get my Good Cholesterol higher...... because it is the "ratio" that is keeping it abnormal. .... well at least I understood what he was saying :0). Okay folks for a very over weight woman, I am going to say it again....... My blood work is almost picture perfect. Thyroid levels good. He checked several vitamin levels (i.e. B12, Vit D etc.) they are all normal.
~ and actually I am not what they even consider borderline diabetic (or you will hear someone say prediabetic.) you either are or aren't. But like the Doctor explained to me. 1. I have 3 or 4 siblings that have type 2 diabetes. 2. my grandmother was a diabetic. 3. I am very overweight
and 4. over the past 15 years my FBS has increased. 10 years ago it was steady in the 80's, 5 years ago it was steady in the 90's and now it is still Normal still steady but in the low 100's !!!
So in the sense, there is a pattern, along with 4 out of 7 siblings dealing with diabetic issues. My A1c is 5.2. So I AM NOT a diabetic! YET!!!!

Over all I am very happy, I go back in 6 weeks. He wants to keep a closer eye on me this time to keep me from following the dreaded lung infection pattern :0), I do love my doctor!!!

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