Saturday, July 05, 2008


although it hasn't brought me down, i must say this earache really stinks! it's only my right ear, there is a lot of fluid coming out of it, and it hurts to press directly in front of my ear. The problem i am finding is, sometimes i get so dizzy, so i am thinking my inner ear is poss infected also. If anyone knows me, they know i do not like to take pain medicine...... I've taken pain medicine 2 nights in a row......... by the end of the day i end up getting such a headache with this, i think that is coming from both the ear problem but also me trying to focus so hard when i am dizzy and the world is going in circles.... ahhhh , but i've been much much sicker, so i am not complaining........ i am hoping in a few days this will all work out.
Had a little gathering yesterday, Bill and I woke up, he said , I'd like to have my mom over, and i said okay I'll ask my brother and his son if he wanted to come over too....... So we grilled Angus Steak burgers and Nathan hot dogs, had potato salad, fresh cut watermelon and desert was a puff pastry split open in a bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and warm homemade triple berry sauce on top of that, I had vanilla custard for those not wanting ice cream, and fudge and peanut butter topping for those not wanting berries........... it was all good..... so they say, i just was interested in the puff and the berries.

I think i am going to take it easy today, watch movies, and just chill...... the other day i was running a fever. and if Christina has time i may go there to have her wash those greys right out my hair.......... only if she can find time this weekend..

sending Love to my GG's, oh Patti, Bill is getting soooooooo good on that grill...... maybe you could have him on your show one day!


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Kellie said...

(((Sandi))) Hugs
Sorry about the ear/head/dizzy yucks. Try taking 50mg of Benadryl. Seriously it does help with this. It is also something to have around to take for nausea. But we have found that Walmarts sells their Equate brand of Sleep Jells (it is only benadryl no pain med in it) this works best for Nate. I think it is something to do with the way it is delivered to your system. If you take the benadryl capsules open thim up and mix with a spoon of applesauce.

I hope this helps and you feel better.

Love ya

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Hey Sandy, it has been a short while. Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and your family over the Holiday weekend. Hope you get well soon and as always I will forever lift you and your family up in prayer.

Patti's Parlor said...

Bummer dudette. You might want to try getting a wash cloth as hot as you can, ring it out, put it in a cup and hold it up to your ear. Not a cure but sometimes it helps reduce the pain.
Sweet oil helps too if you have any of that.