Friday, July 11, 2008

Stressed....... trying not to be........

Stress doesn't necessarily have to be because of something bad, there is such a thing as good stress, and I think i have a mixture of both!! I am trying really hard to calm my soul. I am really not too worried about the Party tomorrow, I'll have plenty of help, and it really isn't a big deal. But it takes time none the less! Grocery shopping is becoming more of a balancing act then it was before...... obviously the economy is hitting the middle class folks....... filling two cars is costing us well over 100 weekly, Groceries 400 weekly...... that's like 26,000 a year just for food and travel. We are fine, and we manage fine........ and we have organized our lives to fit without any problem. But not working in the summer months, does cause a little more "tightness" than normal. I go for a job interview on Weds. it is Behavioral health.......and it is a Methadone clinic! I only want a casual flexible position, as my primary place is Kiski School. I did not go looking for the job, again, it came looking for me...... so I'll go to the interview if i get hired, then it is meant to be, if not......... then there is something else for me. God really does take care of things.... And i believe when i put my trust in God, than everything and everyone that comes across my path has a purpose, even if it is for but a moment in time.
I have to remember that Katie is 19 and she must make her own decisions. my mom let me. Katie has issues with starting college this fall. and I figured it all out........ and I planned how it would work, and I....... do you see the pattern....... I cannot make her do it. She has to make her own success's and her own mistakes. Albert and I can help her when she is ready.... but we cannot make her take the path that we choose for her. yes that is stressful too.... But you know what, again i go back to thinking about my X sister in law and brother in law who lost their son on Thanksgiving last year....they would give absolutely anything they have to even watch Alex make his own way in this world, mistakes and all..... they do not have the joy of that heartache, but for now i do, I have the joy of watching Katie attempt to use those wings.......even if she tumbles to the ground every now and then.

Today shouldn't be too bad, I'll start marinating Bills wings, and i may do the pasta salad tonight also..... I've learned not to go stressy over the house. Kim is coming and Lydia and Kris are coming........ my home is what it is...... I'll put clean sheets on the bed, sweep and dust, and clean the bathrooms......

Tomorrow is going to be a long hot day........ I think Sunday will be a very much needed day of rest.

Have a great weekend

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Kellie said...

Hey there Chickie Poo! Don't forget to breath once in a while. Enjoy your weekend. Tell Katie I said Congrats!!!!