Tuesday, July 22, 2008

katie's gift to Me~~

The picture doesn't do it justice, But it is a quilt and sham set..... absolutely beautiful, with colors of rose, pale yellow, and light sage. with various strips and flowers, and other prints. I love it! I like to use a Spring Quilt for the warmer months, and a Darker quilt for the winter months.... and i guess i am late in changing..... Katie had noticed me admiring this for sometime, and so she just wanted to do something nice for me..... I do love the girl!

I am so busy and my soul is just a little unsettled right now.... not totally sure why, and something I can't explain....but there is just something!!! But this too shall pass, as i usually get a grip on what is "bothering" me. Lots of appointments tomorrow........ next week Andrew starts allergy shots.... we are trying to get all of his issues in control before his big surgery next spring. He is doing well!!! ;0). I am blessed and thankful for my husband, children, and friends.... and that I do not forget.

Make it a good one folks

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