Thursday, July 10, 2008

another day.......

Well things are going well, yes I have been very busy... today Christina is picking Drew and I up, we will take Drew to his doctor appointment at 8:30 am, and then head to Sam's Club to pick up a few things for Katie's Party. I am sure everything will work out, and i will try not to go too Crazy!!! Oh by the way. Andrew did really well with this minor surgery too, no complaints of pain at all. he took one day off, and started jogging the next day, had football practice yesterday...... he is so dedicated, He will NOT miss unless he absolutely has too.

My Pittsburgh "Nutrition" appointment went very well. I got all my materials, i spoke with a Nutritionist and Behavioral Psycologist, for the first month i am supposed to set small obtainable goals.... I am not to change my life too drastically, Goals are such as, i will try and maintain the eating plan 3 days out of the week, I will try and drink all of my water 3 days in the week, I also have behavior goals to make as well as exercise goals. like sitting at the table to eat instead of in front of the tv, or like at least wearing the pedometer 5 out of the 7 days ........stuff like that. Bill goes with me, gosh I love that guy....... he could stay at home after work and chill, but no, he comes with me, reads the paper, and just waits.

I have a job interview next weds. at the Methadone clinic. I am looking to just fill in, and maybe get hours when I am off work at Kiski. again I didn't go looking for this job, i just pray about it, and if it is to be, it will be!!!! God seems to know what he is doing, although at times I do not. I am just sayin' ( hi Cliff, you are learning)

Kellie, hope you are enjoying your summer, I am glad to see at least you are maintaining some normalness , or as normal as can be for you :0)! I pray for you guys all the time, although Nate has bad days, i am so glad he has some good days mixed in, last year he didn't have any :^(. looking forward to seeing you one of these days.

Patti, it was nice talking to you yesterday.... you are such a good girl, and you WILL have fun in Disney Land. you will be missing some boogy man wings, but we will save some for you..

Kimmie, looking forward to seeing you over the weekend.... so are the kids. it will be fun, but i will be happy when all is said and done too......

Christina, heck I'll be seeing you in one hour

and Mr. Cliff, love your sermons........ i think you do actually know what you are talking about..........I realize it is God driven and you are but the simple tool, buy a pretty good tool none the less

love and Blessings to all

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