Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Ahhh, my 18 year old son all grown up! He has matured so quickly these past few months alone. This is the same boy that had the major concussion that kept him out of school his tenth grade year, the same boy that just a few months ago had is facial bones totally redone. all if well for him right now. he does what they call duel enrollment. between school and college. He wants to attend IUP, a college twenty minutes away. He is the opposite of Katie, and He and His brother are polar opposites as far as personalities are concerned. He's overly cautious, studies alot, more serious, worries alot. He has never been in trouble at school. and He was voted "Most Dependable" in his senior class. Katie is twenty, and she just now thinks she may have an idea what she just might want to do. Her grade were good. her study habits bad. and then there is Sammy, as i like to call him Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. he goes his own pace, his voice is the same whether he is happy, angry or sad. He loves life. His grades are pretty good, and if they aren't, then too bad!!! He is mister social butterfly. and we are trying to help him learn little better study habits. Sammy will never have an ulcer, or stress related hair loss. Sammy is just that Sammy.

So I raised all three kids, same home, same situations.........and they are all so different. And the biggest thing that I have done, is Love them for those differences. I want my kids to love who they are, and what moment of life they are in no matter what the circumstance is. Andrew gets straight A's, GREAT, Sammy gets B's and C's, GREAT. There was some talking behind my back, that someone was disgusted about the kind of parent I am. cause Katie took a semester off, and i shouldn't have let her. Well hello she was almost 20 i couldn't make her. oh i wanted her to stay in school... but i learned a long time ago, the only person i can control is me. I don't value a life by their degree, or their social economical position, or the money they make. and If Katie would be happy working where she does now..... and she gives that job 100% then GREAT. as it happens, as soon as everyone "backed off" and stopped telling her what she should do. two weeks into school she is ready to go back to college. actually she is excited about it, and will start full time in January. actually it looks like Andrew and Katie will be taking the same nutrition class this winter.....

I wanted to take a minute on todays blog and talk about my other kids. My prodigal son has taken too much of my energy this past year or two. and i've been in a funk lately cause i do miss him, but enjoy the peace, and then I remembered i have 3 more kids that willingly without complaint made room for this lost boy over 5 years ago. and NEVER did they once complain or wish him gone. now that Corey did decide to leave, my youngest Son, then and only then spoke up about some difficulties. and that is why it has to stay this way.

There are changes on the horizon, financially we are treading water okay. my hours are temporarily cut back alot, something to do with Medicare, No budget for PA yet, and all that. it has hit our office hard. because Mental Health is sadly the first to go. But as usual i am figuring God knows why.... now i am back to having more time for the gym, and hikes, I have 75 more pounds ish to lose yet......... so i'd like to do that by next year at this time if possible. I am feeling good though, Allergies are acting up, but i am not even close to how i felt two years ago. i am stronger, and in much better shape. Chris and I hit the gym today, Hike tomorrow, Gym with Johnny Thursday, and i will try to get Chris out for a hike Friday morning. I know she will be busy getting everything ready for Paige's first Birthday party

Oh and Monday i go to Pittsburgh for my 6th month evaluation for the "Study" that I am in. I'll be seeing these people for the next 2 years........ what a commitment on my part.

And Last but NOT least. Nathan, I am praying so hard for you little man, you are in my thoughts all the time............You are a true Hero.


Anonymous said...

Handsome young man, is he taken?

Chris said...

Just look at him!! What happened to my little "Ninja Turtle"? Big and handsome and a heck of a football player! Sorry I missed his big game the other day, but I read all the newpaper articles. Congratulations Drew!!!

Anonymous said...

hah,i don't allow creepy old ladies, that don't post their name, date my brother! :)
-katie. <33333