Wednesday, September 09, 2009


It's like fire and ice, honey and vinegar, yin and yang, Andrew like wearing dress shirts and ties and sammy likes wearing band t shirts, non matching socks and plaid shorts. and when I say non matching socks....... i'm not talking subtle differences..... i am talking a black sock and a white sock. Andrew must make good grades, study hard, and have everything organized the night before. he is in what they call duel enrollment this year..... 1/2 day of high school, and 1/2 day of college. Sammy thinks it is just great that he now will bring a school book home, and it does help to strengthen his arms, and if he'd just open it, we'd be getting somewhere. Two brothers so opposite, and so incredible close, always have been, they are 3 years apart in age, but age doesn't matter. I remember when andrew got injured pretty bad a few years ago, Sam slept on his bedroom floor 'just to keep an eye on him'. Andrew will be 18 next week, and Sam will be 15 the end of December.....
I was going to again blog about my other son, because it is the last thing i think about when i fall asleep, and it is the first thing i think about when i wake up.. but as i sat here this morning talking to the boys before school, i just couldn't help notice how different they were dressed. and i was reminded that all my energy can't go to the Prodigal.... I don't think i am as angry as i was, but i will say i am finding it harder than i thought. I KNOW he can't come back, i know i've given him a million options in the past five years, I know that my boys would leave, my husband would leave if i brought the disrespect and tension back into this home. I KNOW i am doing the right thing. i know that it was a fluke that we found the disturbing things that we did in his room,... which gave me the 100% knowledge that i had to do what i had to do. but it doesn't make it easier...... i can't help but worry about him, my goodness he is my son. and has been for five years.....i don't have a switch that i can turn off and on...... instead i analyze, feel, cry, get angry, rinse and repeat.
Andrew has a game tonight, love friday night football. I am hoping that i can enjoy a day off next week.... these past two weeks have been so hellish and busy~ a day to myself would be so nice. well I have to get a few things done, work today, and i have a feeling it is going to be very busy day. Tomorrow i have a dinner to go to and friday i have a day long conference to attend and then the game, and Sat i will go and clean......... maybe after that i will hole up in the house , and read a book..........maybe.
Have a nice day today .........


Patti's Parlor said...

And both soooooo handsome!

Chris said...

Yes I agree, they are so handsome. It's hard to believe that just a couple of years ago, Drew was wearing Michael's hand me down Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume everywhere he went! Oops, I guess I should clarify in case people think that he was wearing it when he was 16, I meant it facetiously. It was more like 15 years ago. Haha!

Hey Sandi, what day is it???

Kellie said...

OMGawsh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not begin to believe that picture is of your boys. I remember Sammy was running around the house cute as a button when I was there in Pa seems like a million years ago. The boys are so grown up and handsome! Sammy sure looks like you.
Love yans all