Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~~~Head congestion~~~

This is overlooking the Conemaugh River early this morning, the fog was just beginning to lift, there is a yellow/orange tint just beginning to contrast against the blue sky.... still mostly green, just a tint of other color now.
Christina and I have been doing really well this week, 2 work outs at the gym. and two hikes one 4 miles and one 3 miles, we really need to get in one more hike before Sunday...... maybe Saturday morning will work. maybe even tomorrow morning even if it is a 3 mile one, maybe both......wait, am i confusing last weeks hike with this weeks hikes...... do we need two more hikes in before Sunday??? oh i am so confused.
I am so tired, and i have so much congestion in my head, i am pretty sure it is allergy related, cause, my eyes are watery, the drainage is clear/white from my nose, but i am starting to cough, but i believe it is from the irritation of all the drainage that i am experiencing, and sneezing, my i am sneezing so much.
the next few days will be very busy...... with work, class, football games and cleaning...... i'll look forward to my next few days off. you know i did run a low grade fever over the weekend... and i am really really tired...... hmmm, guess i will keep an eye on things.
well i think i am going to say goodnight for now......
Kellie you and your family are in my prayers, could you please send me via email your daughters address........... i'd appreciate it. Tell Nathan two crazy country woman are praying for him all the time.... the other crazy woman is Christina of course.

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Chris said...

Hey, speak for yourself.....I'm not crazy, I'm just a little out there.....okay, maybe "a lot" out there! ;o}