Sunday, September 13, 2009

our family corn husker

"okay take the corn in my paws and tear downward"

"i'm almost there, i see the yellow stuff now"
"ahh done at last, but should I have eaten the yellow stuff or not"

For the record, Katie is upset that we call this the "family" dog, since Izzy is all Katie's~~~~ so she says. aren't these pictures just too cute. this dog is so bad, so funny, and such a joy. She is very protective of 'her' family. and is always on alert when some one is visiting the home who she does't know. she isn't aggressive the least, but she is forever watching and checking on Us. I know with out a doubt, she would die trying to save any one of Us. She is a one family dog 100% of the time.
I've had such a long hectic few days.......... and i am exhausted. Bill ended up in the hospital last night........ severe chest pain that hit him after 3 days of "heart burn" that he was popping antacids like jelly beans at Easter. They do think the pain was coming from the heart, as the nitro they gave him seemed to control the pain rather quickly. He did NOT have any heart attack yet......... this may have been a warning that he needed, as his dad had his first heart attack at 43 and his mom has had heart disease since she was in her forties. he was allowed to come home today with the stipulation he does nothing until his scheduled stress test for tomorrow at some time.
The kids are doing well and enjoying the peaceful house. didn't realize my prodigal was causing so much tension, didn't even realize i was spending entire days in my bedroom just to stay away from the moods. oh i love him, there is no doubt. and suddenly he seems to think our house was the best place he has ever been, guess he told his friends mom that i was the best mom he had ( he's had 11). Sadly because of the issues with my youngest, and the other kids, i can't bring him back regardless, besides, i know he is a master in manipulation, and he doesn't want to come back here, other than he had more freedom here than he has where he is at now. He's manipulating his friends family, and i see it, i see it cause i went through it....... but they have to learn for themselves, He thought he'd move in with his best friend, but that backfired..... in a big way, they don't have room for him, and that is the only other reason that he wants to come back here. In the five years he lived here, he never once respected any of our rules. he didn't show it outwardly, he is extremely passive aggressive..... and just quietly disobeyed our rules, over and over and over and over again., Every drawer i go through, every box i pack i find proof of everything he denied, things he blamed Andrew for, found proof it was him........ and gee only been through one of 4 dressers
Today My Andrew is 18 I now officially have two adult children and one teenager......... when did this happen? He is maturing at a very fast rate.........
Well it is a beautiful day......... and no matter how difficult this past week or two has been.... i am blessed, i am so blessed

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