Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not, Not and Not

Okay here it is out on the table, this past week, i have NOT exercised like i should, i have NOT ate like i should and i have NOT meditated/prayed like i should. i just don't feel the greatest right now, my goodness stress CAN make you sick.... this has been a busy week at work too. Thursday was a conference dinner, and yesterday i spent all day at a conference, dealing with mental health...... the theme was transforming trauma to wellness. some very interesting topics, but got home just in time to go to Drew's football game. i am up early this morning to head over to the office to clean. Although like i said i am certain of my decision with My son Corey, it still has really taken a toll on my heart, thoughts, and spirit. and being on the roller coaster of emotions has made my head spin. i am so dizzy, and i am ready to get off this damn ride. my stomach is tied up in knots, so i can go a long time without eating, and then i try to eat the wrong stuff too fast, and get uncomfortable, and the only time i seem to eat okay is by the end of the day, when things have "loosened" up a little. I think the weekend i am going to basic soft, protein shake pureed fruits........ Johnny is on vacation until this coming Monday~ but i think i will start with some hiking again..... that way i am working my body as well as my spirit. After i clean the house today, i plan on going and taking care of Bills mom, get some groceries, and then i think i just want to concentrate on me for the next 3 . hahaha...... that's funny like that will happen, but one can hope........ well i gotta go get my booty moven.
oh Patti, ........... Happy Birthday. Katie told me a dozen times, and i never made it over to call or write you, just know i was thinking about you and i love ya , you're my sis.

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