Monday, September 21, 2009

really, i haven't been alone all this time

i realize that i haven't been blogging much lately, but just because i've been so busy. it starts thursday morning.... go to work, leave work go directly to Sam's game come home, go to bed, go early to work/ i am in class for the next 5 fridays Learning DBT training. go directly to Andrews game come home go to bed, get up go clean the office, come home get a shower, leave to do the Mother in law routine, get groceries, etc...... come home and collapse. Sunday Christina and I went to see Johnny. ( oh Sat in the middle of the night i got a call from a neighbor, who needed me to check her out). So Sunday i was feeling really crappy, sore sore throat, sinus pressure, low grade fever...... every muscle in my body was aching...... just wanted to sleep, did manage to do some house work, make my regular sunday brunch, as well as a nice supper. today i was shot dead.......... Katie and i got the house in order and i went to bed, and drank tons of fluids, and i mean tons........ then i peed alot, and i mean alot. I feel a little better this evening then yesterday. but i think i will still go to bed early tonight and read a little. and drink some more.
I am still bothered by Corey, but i find i go longer periods without thinking about all of this. I am trying to deal with the lies he is telling people, and trying not to take it so personally. You see Cor wanted to leave to go stay at his best friends house, so when he was able to go.......... his best friends home didn't have "room" for him. so then he wanted to come back. but in the process we found proof that he never stopped the very bad stuff that crashed my computer, that lost him his cell phone, and that is when my youngest son told us that he had different "personalities" when adults weren't around, and begged us not to bring him back in...... so it is a tough lesson for the boy, but honestly.........He will not learn from it........... it's just that when he gets older, it will get him in trouble, and that is what is sad, it will all catch up with him someday.
Bill is feeling better, but still feeling stressed from his family situation. but Bill is going to have to figure out how to deal with it........ i can't "make" him stress free.
So i have not had the whole week of "ALONE " time, ......... what would i do with a week of alone time??? not sure i'd like it, i'd miss my family and friends...
blessings to all

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