Thursday, September 24, 2009

spider web

it never once crossed my mind to not do my morning hike, well maybe it crossed it once..... and we even did the longer 4 mile trail. the air was so heavy, i had a tough time breathing, but i did well, funny with just a mile to go and after completing the second pretty good hill, I decide to take two puffs of my inhaler~ and why did i wait, i was thinking that, i was breathing heavy and coughing and hacking cause i am still a little out of shape, nope, it was because my exercise induced asthma kicked in. I rarely get asthma attacks any more, but i think the cold i have, increase in allergies i am experiencing, the stress i have been under and the weather, just wasn't the greatest combination!!!
tomorrow is class all day, and then i'm going to stay after and clean, because Saturday is Andrew's football game. Saturday afternoon, i'll do the mother in law thing, Sunday morning i am supposed to get company........... and of course the Johnny work out in the morning..... so maybe i'll schedule some get rest and heal time Sunday evening
well big break here, so i think i'll just post this now

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Patti said...

Love the web!