Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

What a really nice day today has turned out to be. I started out going with Christina to work out with Johnny, and then Bill and I went directly over to the doctor's office to clean, I came home and baked a couple homemade apple pies, using the apples Bill picked up from the local orchard that they sell along the road. earlier i put a barbecued pork roast in the crock pot and i had roasted red potato's. Katie had this wonderful idea that we make tie dye shirts, and the photos show my kids, and the table with the "artwork".
I love this time of year, I love everything about it, the weather, the comfort food cooking, the leaves, the crisp apples, the pumpkins, football games..........
I have a pretty busy week next week.... Monday doctor appointment, Tuesday school field trip, Wednesday is work, Thursday is gym with Johnny,work and football, Friday is school and football, Saturday clean the doctor office......... wow for my hours getting cut back, it sure doesn't show it in my schedule does it???
I am feeling so good again and i am loving my neti pot, I've used it 3 days and it makes a big difference already..... my sinus' aren't draining nearly as much. I am not totally set on it yet, but i will let you know how it goes...
Well I should get going, have a few things to do............ have a great week

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