Sunday, October 18, 2009

Content & Comfort

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon. it seems like i am only getting time to chart weekly, so hopefully i will have some more free time. . . . . . . not sure though. so my doctor's office cut back my hours two weeks ago, maybe three. I immediately got a call from the school asking to work a couple of day's, and the next day i got a text asking me to work several day's at Kiski Prep. so i have all this time offered to me......... and Friday the doctor asked me to increase my hours again at the office. I am not complaining..... just stating that i am certainly staying busy. also both Sammy and Drew have two more games left and then football season is over!!! I love football, but i think the boys are ready for a break. i mean they started football two days after school ended last spring. Sammy has decided that he will be playing deck hockey. Andrew decided that he plans on hanging at Uncle John's gym and workout on speed endurance and building muscles.
It has been so rainy lately, and it has been difficult enjoying the changing colors, that is why i captured this picture off my deck...... look at the colors. Katie just told me that I am "weird" this morning..... she told me that so many rainy days really can cause blue moods in people, but i seem to like them. well i do, now don't get me wrong, i was getting tired of sitting on bleachers getting soaked Friday after Friday after Friday... but i love dreary days. i love being home on dreary days.
Today i made beef stew in the slow cooker, and fresh bread sticks I also made ho ho cake for Andrew to enjoy. (well everybody likes it, but Andrew really likes it), the house is warm and cozy, the guys are watching football, and i am getting ready to go read a little... that is if I can read. This morning i woke up to a light show that took not one pill, but two to stop the light show and help to make the Migraine not so bad. so as usual like clock work, i get this 5 to 7 days before !!!!
Hope everyone had a decent Sunday........ I'll try to post before next Sunday

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