Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nathan~ Molly ~ Father Mike

okay let me begin by calling Christina and Patti smart a**'s LOL. my home computer is officially dead/gone/kaput. i attempted to blog before it died last night, and i got the title..... so let me explain
for one, Nathan has inspired my workouts more than he knows. at the end of our workouts Johnny has us do a ten minute cool down, with 30 seconds of speedish hell on the even number. so at 2,4,6, and 8 minutes we ride like the wicked witch of the West on Wizard of Oz when she is that mean lady in Kansas going after Toto on her bike. So Sunday Chris told me that she found when she prayed for Nathan on those times, ..... the seconds just flew by.... So that is what two middle age ladies did at the gym........ prayed... so the first few times I prayed for Nathan's peace, prayed for healing, prayed for a miracle. I guess per Christina, she prayed similar. well the last speed round.... I sorta imagined God letting me take a hold of Nathan's pain, and i was pulling it from him.... moving my legs as fast as they could, taking his pain further and further away.. Christina told me she was spending the last 30 seconds .....thanking God...... Just like the two of us to work as a team.....even when we don't know it. So Kellie please tell Nathan that two really "old" ladies *well to him i am sure we are old. have been praying for him often.
Now Molly is another dear friend of mine, She is one of those friends that I can go a year without seeing her, and we can meet up and our friendship never skips a beat. Molly loves God, and Molly loves her Catholic up bring, and she loves Father Mike, the priest who spent several years in her area, and then was moved to another Parish. She kept telling me how cool he was, and how much she enjoyed him preaching. Now my mom was raised Catholic, and i went to a Catholic Church for some childhood years, but i was nervous, Oh not nervous about going to a Catholic Church...... I can hang with God, in a Presbyterian church, i can hang with God out in the woods, while driving my car, and cleaning my house. I can hang with God while my Islamic Boss is leading silent meditation.. Honestly i was worried i wouldn't know when to sit, kneel, stand, and what to say.... Molly assured me that all would be good. Well surprisingly it is like riding a bike, i just remembered..... well most of it. before the service actually started, when we went to the pew, to kneel and pray....... after that, i leaned over to Molly and whispered..... " i checked in with Mother Mary, but just to say hi , told her i wanted to go directly to Jesus. and wanted to make sure that was okay. Molly busted out laughing........... and whispered back...... " i pray directly to Jesus!!!! " So i guess in my childhood i remember my grandma, always praying to the Virgin Mary..... so i just thought........... Father Mike was one of the best preachers i've heard. He speaks from the heart, with a clear message, straight to the point, with incredible meaning and dealing with how to Make everyday life doable. He is a sweet man, very warm and caring....... i immediately liked him, I was honored that Molly asked me to go worship with her, and meet Father Mike
Well i've got alot to do, so i should get going...... Love and Blessings to all of you.
Oh and Patti, i so enjoyed talking with you......... always love talking to my sis. oh and I talked to Christina... she may work it to come out to Arizona with me.... do you think Arizona can handle me and Chris at the same time.???? not so sure


Chris said...

Now, that's a good post! ;-)

Patti's Parlor said...

So thought provoking.

Patti's Parlor said...

Sandi & Chris. I'm so excited I almost peed my pants.