Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I thought i was really!!!!

as the day moved along yesterday, the more i got dizzy, i felt so weak, and my head was just pounding, and the big thing was from the dizziness, I started throwing up, so i put away my water and my sugarfree brewed green tea...... and exchanged it for Gatorade, a little flat ginger ale, and later on potato chips. spent most of the evening in bed with this really cool eye ice pack on. I actually felt better before drifting off to sleep for the night, and i woke up this morning feeling okay. Maybe i was dehydrated and my Chemicals were out of whack, so i figured a little glucose, potassium and sodium might to the trick. there was a period yesterday evening that my head was hurting so bad, and i was so dizzy, i thought for sure something was majorly wrong.
I am going to work today, think i'll just do 5 hours. so 10 to 3 sound like good hours for me :-). Tomorrow is Sammy's last game, and Friday is Drew's. if Sam wins this game, he wants to have a party for the team at our house. on behalf of them going undefeated. Katie said she will take care of this the weekend Bill and I are gone......... lol, i say NO they can do it next week on friday WHILE I AM STILL HOME!!!
i have been so busy, exercise has taken back seat, and that HAS to change. well, i am finished with classes for DBT training, my work schedule is going to be more consistent. and football will be over this week..... shhhhh, i don't want to say it too loud, but i see light at the end of the tunnel....... the weather changing doesn't affect me too much, i don't mind hiking in cold, snow or even rain. and Christina is such a trooper, she'll follow along, also Johnny said we have complete access to his gym. there is yoga, and tai chi, Pilate's and zumba dance. as well as the weight training programs... and he'll still train us too.
Next friday before Bill and i head for our much needed mini vacation, i am seeing my Lapband doctor, ...... and i am sure i will be needing an adjustment....... that certainly will keep me from over indulging on food.
well i am going to get ready for work........ have a great day folks......... i plan on it, i mean since i don't think i am dying and all

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