Monday, October 26, 2009

Going on Strike!!!!

So if you read this blog, and you have little children....... here is proof that some activities you don't have to "grow up" from.... my kids are 20, 18 and almost 15. and they still carve pumpkins. yup i can see them coming home from college to carve pumpkins.... Katie's pumkin landed at her Grandparents home, Drew's went to his dad's home. and i got Sammy's pumpkin for here. For two years it has been on and off again stress for them, because they never complained, it was more than i realized until most recently. I am going to be honest here, not sure i'll take more foster children, if i was single, lived alone, heck yeah....... but that kind of decision affects the whole family... and it has to be a unanimous YES all the way around.
Last week was yet again so busy, I did really well monitoring and keeping track of my food intake, exercise was unheard of, i again only was home to sleep weds, thurs, and fri, and sat. and i mean that. Thursday i worked as the school nurse, went to sams game, went to the store, friday i got up early went to make hoagies for the football booster club.. went directly to work, went directly to Andrew's senior night game and then went over to his dads house (right next to the field) for an after game party. this was the first time that we had the party at Albert's house. Christina made the most awesome best cake... and it is so cool, i am sure people think it is odd to see me and Albert and bill raise these children together. and because it was senior night..... we all met Andrew on the field in a type of ceremony. there was alot of divorced parents present, some with just one parent, some with both parents but no extra spouses. Andrew was the only one that had 3 parents walk him out......... he later told me that kids choose who walked them out, and Bill is EVERY bit as much of a parent as me and Albert, and he wouldn't have done it any other way. Sat. went and cleaned the doctors office and then spent the day/evening with Bill's mom............ got back Sat night.
Now......about the "going on Strike" title. so Sunday comes, i had already spoke with John the night before, that i wasn't planning on coming up, i just NEEDED a day off. well, so i sleep in until 9am..... went for groceries, came home made holiday soup, cleaned the house, started laundry, baked......etc....... i never sat done the entire day. my brother and his wife and kids stopped in, so i fed them...... finally at 8pm i get a hot bath, and crawl into bed......... NO joke i never stopped. so i told bill next Sunday I am on strike.... it will be up to him and the kids to take care of me.... he agreed, and is already trying to figure out what to make for supper........ whatever, i won't be picky LOL..... it is all in fun, and i enjoyed my day yesterday..... the house is so peaceful, and the kids no longer "live" in their bedrooms....... actually they only go in their rooms to sleep.
I am going to make a conscious effort to start my blogging on a more regular basis, it keeps me honest in my journey to better health......... so you'll be hearing more of me!!!


Chris said...

I love them!
Sam, that's one ugly pumpkin. Kind of reminds me of someone......can't place who tho'!
Katie, yours is very nice and Drew, yours is a little scary!!!!

Anonymous said...

mines ruslan,you cant tell in the picture,but he has rosy red cheeks. :)
and sams in mr.hamp.
andrews is depressed,i think?