Thursday, October 15, 2009

Okay, it's even getting to me

I am one that loves the Rain, I even love hiking in the rain.... rain doesn't bother me, BUT i must say i am getting tired of it raining on Football nights, the weather has been pretty decent all week~ and then the morning of a field trip and football game, I wake up to rain, oh they say that there may be some snow mixed in it......... so it is an icy cold rain. I am trying to use one of my DBT training skills, and remember, there is nothing in my humanly power that i can do to stop the rain, therefore, i need to shut up, and deal with it. So i will!!! LOL.
i definitely need a lapband adjustment, I am able to eat pizza crust and even bread, without a major "stuck". Now i can only eat two square's of Pizza, but Dr. Mike did say that two pieces of pizza is one too many as far as the lapband is concerned. so in all honesty, i really do need to get a better grip since i still have a grip........
Christina and I have been pretty faithful in our workouts. Even if we don't have a Johnny day, we still make it to the gym. and last week we went without each other cause my schedule is so busy. This is the last week that my schedule is so annoying. the DBT classes take so much time. and throw in two football games in the mix, and a couple thursday field trips.... and a Saturday morning job........ and a mother in law in need, I will not see any "Me" time until Saturday evening.... it has been like this for almost 2 months. and I am ready for it to be done. This friday is my last 8 hour class, football has a few more weeks left. and the field trips have this week left. so much for my hours at work to be cut back, haven't even noticed it. I have also added a little babysitting, and Kiski has several days that i can take. God ALWAYS PROVIDES for me.
Well, I gotta get my lunch ready for the field trip, I'll use my new Salad container

isn't this cool looking, i have several of these containers check out the website to see other kinds Cause i need to concentrate on lean protein, i will fill the bottom up with Greens, tomato's and peppers, the tray i will place Rotisserie chicken breast, hard boiled egg chopped, and low fat cheese. and my dressing will either be Italian or Ranch, haven't decided yet. i'll also take a 100 calorie yogurt delight, and an individual packet of raw nuts. oh and a 32 oz container of water. That is one thing i am good at, packing and preparing my lunches.

well i guess i should get going......OH i forgot~~~ i fixed my computer, somehow i was finally able to get it to "factory start up", it is working better than it has, so we shall see how long this will take.

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Patti's Parlor said...

I'll send you some sunshine if you'll pack my lunch for me.