Sunday, February 28, 2010


OUCH MY GROANING ~~~> muscles. This morning i did the complete Strength Training workout on my wii fit, and every muscle in my body is burning...... especial my core center. I also did15 minutes of Cardio. it is a great workout for me right now, and it is also great entertainment for Katie as she sits on the couch and laughs at me trying my damnest to balance on one leg, Graceful i am not :-P, but who cares:::

I had a wonderful time at McKeever, and i was able to make my own shakes in the AM, reheat my own prepared lunches, and both Dinners worked for me. i must admit i did end up bring back up my last lunch, i just assumed i could eat it, so i didn't prepare for that meal.. it was tomato soup and grilled cheese, i tore the sandwich up and put it in my soup...but i didn't wait long enough for it to soften as much as it should have, and we actually ate 90 minutes earlier than normal. ( i seem to tolerate foods better from Noon on). As the Nurse i didn't do as much hiking/walking as i could have because i have to stay in one place while several groups go out on the trails, they also did an afternoon hike, but i couldn't do that either. :(, i did manage to keep myself moving and did my squats and lunges in the Nursing Office. on Friday i walked over 4 miles according to my pedometer. I took my own snacks, of Prunes and Sunflower seeds, and I even shared my prunes with my buddy Dave one of the teachers. I so love that place, i plan on going for many more years if they'll take me.

have i mentioned SNOW yet? well we are having snow, and snow and more snow........ it doesn't bother me, and it is so beautiful......... but even i a die hard WINTER lover, is ready to see, hear, and smell signs of Spring...... not long now
Tomorrow i have Carley, and i also have plans to hopefully get a tooth pulled out. it is the tooth farthest back in my mouth, on the top left side.... the filling came out a year ago........ but honestly i didn't want to take the funds to fix it, first off Bill was on strike and second every available dollar went to get Andrews mouth fixed.... i don't want a root canal, i have a very tiny mouth, and plenty of teeth....... hey i didn't say i had a quiet mouth, just a small one....... ;0).
Christina offered to take me just in case I have bleeding issues or light headiness issues...... never even thought about that.
well i think i am going to go and read a while..... my tooth is really bothering me..........

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