Tuesday, February 09, 2010

about 1000-1200 calories

My last lapband adjustment has been considered a success~ I feel good. I am able to drink without any difficulty, and i am able to eat about 60z of food at every meal. I am trying to eat 4 meals a day. after i eat a meal, I set my alarm on my watch to beep 3 hrs later, to remind me to eat again, and to not eat between meals . I eat until I am full, as soon as i get that "full" feeling...... I STOP!!! This is how the Lapband is supposed to work :) , i must admit i was a little worried last week, that i'd need to go back to the doctor and have the adjustment........ re-adjusted. i have been forced to eat more mindfully yet again. and i am choosy as to what foods I eat. i mean i'm not going to fill my little tummy with a cupcake, no nutritional value there..... but i will fill it with grilled fish and veggies and greek yogurt. :0). i am so ready to head outdoors again for my daily hikes........ i am loving the snow i truly am, but i think when Spring pushes through...... i'll be happy.

My life is going well, And the kids are doing great. Katie has jumped into school again head on. She goes to class mon through fri. but she is forever doing homework. Andrew's senior year is half way over. he does both, the dual enrollment, high school and college classes. he also works at our local grocery store. Sammy is in 9th grade, and loving being a kid.

Getting ready for the second wave of Snow, School has already been closed for Saltsburg yet again. . . . i always enjoyed snow days, i loved having the kids home when the weather was in question. and that hasn't changed.

Have a great day today.........stay warm and safe

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Kellie said...

Love ya, Miss ya, Keep warm in the snow! We are getting 15 inches today. Everyone is in safe and sound and Mark is making chili!
Talk to ya soon! <3