Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My plan / my menu / my stats

things are going well for me, and I am finding that i am starting to get more consistant writing down everything in my "Dietminder". this week i've also decided to try something different for me, instead of the end of the day writing everything down that i eat..... i plan my menu the night before or during my breakfast "shake". This way i can look in advance see how my protein numbers are and my calorie number, and i can add or subtract as i need. AND if i stray off my meal plan, i can erase and add.......but i find the last couple days it is nice not thinking about what i should eat, i just look in my dietminder and know what i need to eat. for instance this morning i precooked everything..... and have my lunch packed and ready to go for this evening.
1% milk 6 ounces
protein powder
raspberries 1 cup
Cold packed Flaxseed oil 1 TBS
added fiber 10grams

set watch for 3 hours:

Gilled Tilapia 4 ounces
Broccoli Cheese Soup 3/4 cup *Christina's soup
2 Tbs of light shredded cheddar * added to soup on top
Dark Chocolate Pomegranit 1/2 serving

set watch for 3 hours.

Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken 4 ounces * Patti's recipe
Lettuce/ Tomatoes/ Spinich leaves/Arugula
LF individual cheese 3/4 oz.
Red wine/Olive oil Drsg * meme Glady's recipe

set watch for 3 hours

Prunes 1/4 cup
Choc Mouse sugar free 2 ounces

I weigh and measure everything

Calories are approx :1155
Protein is approx: 107 grams

and if you all promise not to laugh...... i started using the Wii fit + to increase my activity level until i can regularly get out on the trails. again don't laugh unless you've tried it.... my muscles feel like i've worked out with johnny, or when i tried the Firm video's a few times years ago. Yesterday i did Cardio and Strength Training, and Abdominal. Today i did 45 minutes of steady Cardio activities. it's cool how most of the strength exercises are Lunges and Squats, something that Johnny incorporates with every workout. The balance board scale is right on track with the doctors scale in regards to my weight...... and it will keep track if i want it to as my weight drops or goes up. i picked the boy trainer for the exercises........cause Jillian has just annoyed me lately. besides my little wii guy reminds me of my brother Johnny :0).
Well i am going to get a bath, get dressed and head to work..... that is if i can talk this very sore body into moving..... have a great day today


Patti's Parlor said...

"my little wii guy"
That cracked me up!
I can't wait for the report on my chicken!

Kellie said...

Jessica and I do the Wii fit too and you are right my body hurts. I desperately need to get my wobbly body un wobbly. In my opinion if you do not have your own "Johnny" it is great tool.
Love ya miss ya more