Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'd like you to meet my trainer "Georgie", I started my Wii fit + on Feb 16 which was last Tuesday. so i guess i'll post my weight Tuesday mornings on the blog, to help me stay accountable, if i don't then ask me why i didn't post....... so i dropped 2 lbs this week. :0) I am more than happy with that...... i mean if i continued to drop 7 and 8 lbs a week like when i first had my last adjustment...... well then that would not be healthy! my doctor said once i get used to the adjustment i should realistically lose 1 to 2 lbs a week, and that is what i plan to do.
I must say the workout can be very difficult, for instance they have a hula hoop cardio game, and you think you are playing....... and playing,... and playing......... and then all the sudden your lateral abs, are screaming......... hey this isn't play. and they have a boxing game, and a bird flying game,......... and and and...... OUCH!!! my muscles are feeling it :)
I go to work today at 4 pm....... so this morning i am cooking, packing, washing laundry and getting ready to go to McKeever with our school district http://www.mckeever.org/ I already read the menu, and know every meal we will be eating ~ i am not even going to pretend that i can eat pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, grilled cheese........ breakfast's are out of the question too..... i have my shakes, my frozen berries, and my Flaxseed cold pressed oil.... i'll prob pre make them, and just grab the shake in the morning. I plan on making my fish for two lunches, and maybe chicken for one of them....... dinners i may be able to work with to an extent.... one meal is a turkey dinner..... one meal is baked chicken......
I won't be able to do my wii, but i may take my bands, and heck Johnny taught me i can take squats and lunges and push ups with me where ever i go. i also started wearing my Pedometer again.........for this week i am not "trying" to add steps, i am just doing what i normally do, and see how many steps i do in my "normal routine"......... then next week i'll try to increase a little!!
Well i really should get my butt moving....... gotta drink 24 oz of water before my watch goes off again for my next meal, and i haven't even started yet. have a Chicken in the rotisserie, ....
I doubt that i will get on again as there is no service at camp, and i leave so early tomorrow morning........ i'll touch base when i get back.
Have a great week

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