Tuesday, February 09, 2010


okay, let me explain before i show you the pictures.... I always make a point to put my food on my dessert size plates, make it look all pretty, and then i take a picture, to put on my blog. i just bought several new tiny plates, a few salad plates, and a few what they call desert plates. i even put my sugar free jello in a little dessert dish. if i am eating 1/2 oz of cheese and 3 whole grain crackers, they go on a plate.... right now i have to really focus on how i eat, so i sit down and enjoy the food slowly, it makes it easier when i have something pretty to look at. So be patient with me for the next few days while i show off all my new little plates.

this photo is my lunch, it is 1/2 of a burger, with 2 TBS of cheddar cheese, Arugula, Spinach and Romaine lettuce, with cherry tomatoes and one tsp of Italian dressing. with 1/2 cup of organic low fat yogurt and a few raspberries.

sadly though i found out that i can't do beef as easily, this came back up, but the yogurt went down well.

this photo is my dinner. it is a homemade crab cake with minimal bread crumbs (1/2 cup in the entire recipe (made 8) each cake weighed approx 3 ounces. Bill had surf and turf, so he had a grilled steak with his crab cake. I didn't even try the beef this time.

I had to eat this slowly, but it stayed down.

Now i can't resist putting this last picture up, Katie and Bill were making fun of me...... so they "Vanna Whited" my plate........ silly silly family i live with, but I love them tons

this morning i had my high fiber shake 20grams of fiber, with 1/2 cup of berries and 6oz of skim milk, and 1 TBS of cold pressed flax seed oil.
snack tonight will be Greek yogurt and maybe a sugar free jello pudding.....
and that is my day of eating with a lap band


Patti's Parlor said...

Tell Bill that I said if they ever go on strike again he could get a job being a food presentation model! LOL
Your little plates look very nice.

Kellie said...

love the plates. Saw some cute summer colors in plates and bowls at Target the other day and thought of you. I have been thinking of getting them. They are called children sizes but perfect in my opinion. Love yuns all!