Friday, February 12, 2010

i know i already posted today but i just had to show you....

isn't this the cutest little plate..... it is much smaller than a salad plate. 4 maybe 5 inches in diameter. i actually take it with me to work..... today i had 3 0z of grilled tilapia with 2 TBS of Alfredo sauce (not the 1/4 cup serving size suggested) with old bay seasoning. on top of the mixed greens.... no dressing. and with this i had 4 oz of Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup of Red Raspberries. and that was MORE than enough for me, and i did not get hungry even after my watches alarm went off after 3 hours. the plate has gray letters all over, no order. and as you see in Red, I "love" you!! what a better way to remind myself to be good to ME, gotta love Me first before i can love others right???.
Okay folks enough plates for a while, i promise ~ i think everyone knows how i am eating since my last adjustment.... so i think i'll move on to bigger and better things.
I had a wonderful chat with my dear dear friend Patti today, i sure miss her :(, i am looking forward to figure out when i am going to get out there.... i will make arrangements before i lose the next 15 pounds... that is a goal of mine, to at least figure it all out before then........ even if it is several months away ....... and i gotta start looking for that Bike too.... oh so much to do.....
love and blessings

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