Thursday, February 04, 2010

~~> honestly

not that i am not honest in my blog anyhow, But i guess i've had the lapband for ten months, and just now am understanding how it really works. Pizza at this point isn't even possible, not even a bite. I am not having problems with drinking fluids, or taking soft foods at all, so there isn't an issue there. They have told me all along that when the lapband is working, at least for a while, the stomach usually holds 1/2 to 1 cup of food.... this morning i made an omelet, using one egg, one egg white, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and 0.5 oz of Havarti cheese. i am weighing my food now, and my eggs weighed in at 5 oz., I ate 3 ozs. and had the "full feeling". lunch I ate 4 oz light yogurt, 1/4 cup of raspberries, and one Jello mousse pudding ( 2 oz). and i tolerated this quite well. IF I EAT TOO FAST, IF I DON'T CHEW MY FOOD WELL.... I THROW IT UP! and that is how it is. I told Christina that i am not going to exercise this week, as i let my body adjust to the decrease in calories, and i also told her that if i start dropping weight too fast... that i will go get a small adjustment (removal of fluid) my goal isn't and never has been to drop weight at high speed. Sometimes after an adjustment, if it is too tight, it is difficult to swallow liquids, that is obviously not a problem as i am taking in 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. i plan on taking an extra protein shake while i am adjusting too........ we shall see.
Well i am at work now, i brought my rotisserie in, Jeff one of my co workers brought in a duck, and i brought in a chicken. the duck was first..... don't know how Jeff talked me into trying this, but i tasted the heart, the gizzards and a bite of the duck....... not bad, Jeff said Duck is usually greasy, but by cooking it on the rotisserie, it seems to drain the grease as it cooks. my bites were the size of the finger nail on my pinky... and i chewed and chewed. the Chicken is cooking now, i'll eat about 2 oz of this, and i will eat my Greek yogurt. and when i get home, i'll make my protein shake......
We are supposed to get several inches of snow this weekend......... so i may not go anywhere :0) and that is okay by me.
Oh and Patti, in regards to your comment on my last blog entry, if you ever watched the movie Ground hog day........... that is what is Happening to Christina, she must be reliving New Years Eve...... over and over again,.. i know we are neighbors, but i've moved into February...honest


Patti's Parlor said...
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Patti's Parlor said...

In my experience :wink: duck is only fatty if it's not cooked properly. It has a LOT of fat under the skin but it's easily rendered out.