Friday, February 12, 2010

"forced" to eat healthy

okay i haven't posted in a day or so, but Christina was aware that i was wondering if my lapband was okay.... because as i've blogged lately, i eat very little, i can't even think about trying white bread, pizza, steak, heavy pasta. So i was a good girl and contacted my surgeons office~ spoke with the wonderful physicians asst. who informed me that NOW my lapband is doing exactly what it is supposed to. although 10 lb weight loss in two weeks is high, it is normal considering i hadn't had an adjustment in so long. Now that it is leveling off, i should lose 1-2 lbs a week. like i've said i drink more than fine, can chug a cold glass of water like before. and if i am in pain at all it is after i've eaten something wrong or too fast, once that part gets resolved, i am fine and feel no pain what so ever. i am sure that i have readers thinking............ not enough calories, too drastic,..... not healthy...... actually what everyone is thinking doesn't really affect me, it is what i am thinking, and what my doctors are thinking that impacts my thoughts and decisions. I am eating a healthier 1000-1200 calories than someone eating an unhealthy 3000 calories. It is like this. I knew what i was getting in to, and with God's Grace, i will continue to have success with my Lapband surgery. notice i didn't say speedy results, i said SUCCESS!!! :0).
So this is where the "forced" to eating healthy comes in right now.. so right now my tummy holds about 4 to 6 oz of food, every 3 hrs. i could fill it with 4 oz of ice cream and 4 oz of Pecan Pie, or i could fill it with 3 oz of grilled fish, and 3 oz of Greek yogurt with a few berries and maybe a few greens. If i want to get healthy there really isn't an option. Oh the Doc office also said it is perfectly normal to be tighter in the morning, and looser in the evening..... so she thought a high protein, high fiber (20g), 1/2 cup of berries, 1 TBS of cold packed flax seed oil, and 6 oz of skim milk....... is a worthy breakfast, that nobody could really argue with.
So i am doing fine,........ and my labband is doing what it is supposed to be doing..... and for the record the weight has slowed down....... i lost 2 pounds this week....... i think that makes a 12 lb weight loss since my last adjustment which was 2 weeks ago ........
Have a great weekend folks.........and enjoy the moment!!!

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