Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today may be the day

well, today they are supposed to take the ventilator off of Michael. so pray that all goes well. I didn't post yesterday, but I must say.... this young nephew of mine, is tough and a fighter. The doctors, for the very first time since this happened, told the family on Friday that Mike would survive THIS time!!!, he also said that Michael could never compromise going through this again, because the odds would be that he could not survive this another time! He, the doctor, said that he never saw lungs with this much pus and infection in it, for a man so young. And usually the older person with this type of fluid, is in his final hours on Earth! Mike who was a smoker , and i want to capitalize the word WAS, can not smoke again, or be in a room with people smoking!! I never allow smoking in my home, but my family that smokes, goes out to our porch, well......... my family made the decision that there will be no smoking on the property..........porch, yard, driveway............ wherever!

I didn't really come right out and say in my blog..... But Mike had more of a chance of dying than living!!! He really is such a sweet boy, that has made some bad decisions in life (who hasn't), and I just want him to wake up so he Knows how much he is loved. obviously this is one of those life changing experiences for Mike and his family, and i can see God's hand in every second of this journey. Yesterday Mike started breathing on his own, and the ventilator was doing minimal work.... the "Lung Wash" was a success, and his lungs are on their way to healing. They are still keeping Mike so sedated, we haven't seen any movement, or acknowledgement that Mike is aware of his surroundings since last Sunday before he went into Respiratory Arrest, So if the tube comes out of his throat today......... he'll be taken off a lot of his drugs.......and hopefully his mom and dad can see he is okay. He has been alert for the Nurses, but they seem to do it when family isn't around.......because Mike is in a lot of pain, and panics and "gags" with the intubation tube down his throat.

I was going to go to Amish Country with Christina today, But , I think Bill and I are going to go at some point to Pittsburgh to see Mike, and if Doug wants me with him today (he mentioned he might like to take me with him) well that is where i should be, and want to be....... I want to tell Mike that i love him.

Kimmie is coming tomorrow........ can't wait

Well i should get going, I call the hospital in the mornings, and then Doug calls me........and I update him....

Thank you all so much for your prayers.......... so many wonderful people in this world........ there really are!!!!

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