Saturday, December 22, 2007

Growing pains, mine or theirs?????

Here is a photo of my two 16 year old boys before the Christmas dance....... they look so handsome and sweet don't they? But let me tell you, this is a tough age for me to parent. I have to protect them, and yet give them enough "rope" to hang themselves with. They seem to hang themselves quite well right now. They are not 18 yet. and they still live in my home, therefore i can still control them!!! But i must say they are getting mouthier and mouthier...... and I love them tons!! Andrew is at a period right now where he thinks he is invincible, and nothing could happen to him..... well something DID happen to him 4 months ago, and just now he seems to be recovering.... he doesn't understand why i won't let him run 4 miles in the dark on back trails right now.... we actually had a pretty good fight about that.... a trip and fall in the dark and cold, a bump on the head, a bear, or a bobcat, and anything else.... he is getting smart trying to play me and his dad, and he knows his dad is a softy sometimes. But Albert and I communicate, everyday, sometimes several times a day about the kids. so we do know what is going on!!! Bill tends to be stricter, and wants me to pull the ropes even tighter. But that won't work either...... like I said, i have to find a balance of keeping my children safe/ and making them grow up. in 2 years they will be 18 and then you just gotta pray! I realize boys grow up a little later than that, so it's just hold your breath, and wait and see.... and remember, God just lent them to you in the first place. Ah, my boys are growing up!!! And i got to get ready to let them go...... i don't know which is harder????

Speaking of Growing up.......... Sammy my "baby" turned 13 yesterday. i officially have 4 teenagers living in my home. We took him and one of his friends and hung out at the zoo yesterday...... i had the greatest time. that was the first time I ever went to the zoo during off season hours, and it was great. We had the place almost to ourselves.... and the animals were so frisky in the cool weather. usually in the summer it is so hot and crowded and smelly with bugs everywhere. then we went shopping for a few things. I babysat my nephew last night. and went to curves and then final Christmas shopping this afternoon....... so I think I am done.

I have some cool photos of the zoo.......I'll try and post later.

love and blessings to all..... p.s. Chris, thanks for letting me go to Curves today...... you didn't give me an option.......and that is a good thing

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Kim said...

They are both so handsome!! Great pic!