Sunday, June 01, 2008

two in a row

Wow, two days off in a row, I forget what that was like. Up early this morning, working out in the yard. it is so breezy today, and up on the hill, there have been several gusts that i began to wonder if the flag was going to stay!!!
For several years now I've been raising baby box turtles, and then when they are big enough, usually 2.5 or 3 years i take them up towards Erie to release them at an animal sanctuary. this year just was a bad year for me, and the turtles became more of a burden than a joy... so although they were still little, i sent them back today. it is a relief not to worry about them right now. it is so relaxing this afternoon, everyone is just chilling, and i plan on NOT going anywhere for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe I'll watch a good "girly" movie. an older one. I no longer make french fries for the kids, they all really like my red potatoes
I cut up the potatoes with the redskin on, drizzle a little olive oil, some salt and some fresh ground pepper, sometimes rosemary, sometimes thyme..... and i bake them until they are crisp!!!! yummmmy.
I went and got another knee stabilizer (the one inch one) and i wear it all day long now...... and honestly my knees seem to be feeling much better. Bill and I will prob take the dogs for a walk this evening, I plan on only going a mile or two at the most...... slow but sure.
Well Bill is grilling, so i better go and help with the sides . Hi to my Golden Girls..... just a few days more and Patti will be hanging here..... and Patti we are making it as mellow as possible, going to the Saltsburg Canal Day's, listen to some old time bands, watch some fireworks, check out some quaint little craft shops, walk along the river bank. Maybe hot tea or coffee on the porch to watch the Sunrise, cause we all know you will be up before daybreak. And Sunday i am having an outdoor brunch on the Porch....... fine china, Amish baked blueberry french toast, lean sausages, grilled ham, chocolate covered strawberries, maybe chicken salad or crab salad stuffed tomato's and a few pastries , some sugar free of course!! hot tea, or Citrus Punch. Christina and her girls are going to come and hang, and i think Gina will be coming too..... If the weather is this beautiful, than walking some of the trails may be in order...... so bring um...... walking shoes :0). And of course evenings of movies, chatting and laughter..... nothing scheduled, nothing planned, don't have to be any where at any time.......
Okay i am so excited......

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