Sunday, June 15, 2008

beautiful princess katie. (not ugly)

That is zachary. He looks like a big goober in this picture,thats okay! (:

This is Katie and Mr. Berkey. She loves him like a grandpa! He is the BEST ever. She did not like the other pictures that were posted on here, so she put this one on here. Want some more? okay.

That is me and Dave. Thats my one teachers husband. He is super duper cute, huh? (:

That is me and my Grandpa. He loves me. He cuts my meat, so i can proudly say, i can not cut a steak! I love him.

Finally. The REAL katie.

yessssss i know. cutie? (:

Sandi would not let me put a picture of her on here, sorry. she said she'd kill me. And erase all these beautiful pictures. love.


Patti's Parlor said...

That's the Katie that I know and love. Kind of "elegant and earthy" in her own special way.

P.S. How's my Louie?

Kim said...

Dave is super duper cute but I want to hear more about Mr. Berkey...who I am kinda lovin....but not like a grandpa......:>)

Chris said...

Oh Kimba, shame on you! ;0)

Gina said...

Kim.....Mr. Berkey?!? Ewwwwwwwwww! He was my social studies teacher in high school, too. Blech. Kim shoulda seen Mr. Gardiner when he worked at the school, huh, Katie?

Kim said...

LOL. Okay then, let's see Mr. Gardiner. I'll see what I think!