Sunday, June 22, 2008

4 am

okay it is true, I must still be a little neurotic about some things. Katie went out tonight with a group of friends, They went midnight (cosmic) bowling, and then out to eat at Denny's. She asked if she could go, of course she was fixing her hair at the same time, it was 11pm. and I am thinking, why can't she go *midnight bowling earlier. , and I am thinking she IS almost 19. I remembered when I was young and dating and living at home. of course I was with the man i would marry and later have 3 children with. and it was a rare occasion I'd come home after midnight. yes they even had cosmic/midnight bowling then. I wasn't worried about her drinking or getting into trouble like that. its just that i know that in a lot of cases, cars coming towards you between 2-4 am, may have a person that is under the influence, or at the very least, a person very very tired!!!
.............. it has been 7 months since my nephew Alex died, he died in the middle of the night, he hit a patch of ice on a dry road, ice that should NOT have been there.... I kept thinking about him and his family, i just want to wrap my children up in bubble wrap and keep them with me. Of course i know that I can't. My mom and dad let me fly, oh I so have a new respect for them.......... and we didn't have a line of communication that we have now via cell phones. I had the pulsing life line of my phone beside my bed....... vibrating to me a message "2am mom leaving bowling, going to get a bite to eat, 3am leaving Denny's, 3:45am on my way home from Zack's,..........." i get up and unlock the door for her. i asked her to keep me posted. I slept between text messages, ahh, for this moment my family is home safe and sound in bed, the house is still and quiet......... things are changing, forever changing........and I too must change with them........... going back to bed, good night!!!!


Chris said...

OH BOY, do I remember those days!!! You lay in bed with a knot in your stomach the size of Texas.(or even bigger). You never totally relax until they are safe in their beds.

P.S. Isn't the whole idea of midnight bowling, bowling at midnight????? Just askin'! LOL

Kim said...

If you wrap your kids in bubble wrap, they'll suffocate.

Just sayin'.

Patti's Parlor said...

I'm with ya Sandi. Midnight bowling should start at 4:00 p.m.!
You've raised a great little princess.

Anonymous said...

oh damn, i forgot to mention the weed sniffing & the party i went too. sorry, i will next time. (;

Gina said...

HA! Katie, you so take after your mother! Weed sniffing......LOL!

Kellie said...

Katie...You must meet my daughter Jessica some time. Two peas in a pod!

Sandi, YOU are a Wonderful Mother of all Mothers. Letting go is one of the hardest things to do. With boys... lets just say I made it through with Aaron and I got to tell ya that there are some things Mom's just don't need to hear!

Love ya

Kim said...

Well, considering that you don't "sniff" weed, I guess we have nothing to worry about where our Princess is concerned.

And, yes, Gina, she is her mother's daughter!


Chris said...

So if you don't "sniff" weed, what do you do with it?

Just wondering. :0)

Kim said...

Oh, Christina, you know I love you......but really, the innocent act?