Friday, June 06, 2008

Taking a moment

I haven't blogged in a few days. Katie Graduated on Weds. it went really nice. I plan on posting a couple pictures of her when we get them down loaded. Of course the Infamous Ms. Patti will be here in a few hours. I've been slow cooking my 12 hour tomato sauce since 6 am.... it is my kids grandparents recipe on my X husbands side.... when they get here, i have a cool house, Sugar free lemonade, and whole wheat pasta, turkey meatballs, Italian salad and garlic bread..... Dessert is fresh grapes and strawberries.. i know traveling day can be so tiring...... so i am sure we will just chill and get caught up on talk. Hope Christina isn't so warn out that she can't come up and have a bite with us......and meet Patti in person. I am really relaxed, not too worried about much...... clean sheets and clean bathroom... right....... :0) What will be will be..... that is how i look at it. Patti is bring the HEAT with her..... we have had below average weather the entire spring season..... Patti decides to come, and look what happens.. and it's Arizona Heat with Pennsylvania Humidity, NOT a good combination. i have central air, and there is always a breeze blowing on the top of this hill my home stands on..... we will be fine.
I am so looking forward to the time I have with all of my friends...... I'll keep you posted on how it is going.......
Kellie, you are in our hearts, I know you can't make ANY plans, and we know in reality, things for you can change at a drop of a hat.....even if we could come your direction :0( , know that you are always in my prayers and thoughts love ya girl


Kellie said...

Hey Gang! Love yas all too! I just got in from the pool. Nate was in for a while with a friend. It is a GOOD Day. You guys all have a Blast and then tell me all about it hehehehe.

katie said...

can't wait to eat your spinach pudding in a little.