Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Elegant and Earthy

Let me begin with ..... it was a fantastic four days! The comfort that a group of woman can feel, first sprawled out over the USA, coming together like a group of "best " friends that have known each other forever, still amazes me! The weekend was just as I thought it would be, a lot of talking and laughter. Christina was able to make it up a few times, and of course we went down to see her at the golf course a couple of times. We spent time on the Porch, time drinking tea, times exploring a "haunted" house, a little time at the Saltsburg Canal Days. (way too hot this weekend). Patti was excited to see lightning bugs/ fire flies. Both Christina and Gina came for our Sunday Country Brunch...... I used my fine china, and we had baked blueberry french toast (sugar free thanks to Patti), sausage and ham, mini spinach and bacon Quiche, ( minimal spinach,onions and bacon ... thanks to me ) mixed berry cheesecake muffins, chocolate covered strawberries,and sugar free cream puffs. Gina came for this too, and I must say she was a hit with the Ladies, they all thought she was just so "adorable" which..........she is :0)!!! There was such a comfort here, Patti took time to organize one of my cupboards, i mean gee she alphabetized my spices for goodness sakes. I felt comfortable enough to nap on the couch for a while, Kim felt comfortable to curl up and read a book for a while... there was no pressure or no entertaining needed. Bill was a wonderful Host too, and I must say he and Patti are two peas in a pod, those two are so much alike it, and I must say that Bill really enjoyed having Kim and Patti stay. The kids, what can I say, they ALL are so comfortable with "Aunt Kim, and Aunt Patti. There is so much to say about the weekend... but i must get back to the title of my blog...............
These are the two thoughts that come to mind when i try and put words to Patti and Kim, Neither is bad/ or good Just a thought........ I've always pictured Patti as Elegant, with her pedicures and manicures, and pretty little shoes and purses..... I've always Pictured Kim as Earthy, one that loves the great out doors, and would be comfortable just about any where. I picture her comfortable in old sweats and worn tee shirts..... ( just for the record, i am VERY earthy). Well let me tell you, I think i got that ALL wrong this weekend. a few miles from my house, there is what we call a haunted house, an old house rich in history that has been empty for decades and decades. Patti wanted to check it out so we did. She fell in love with it........ and to just summarize a very long story, There is Patti, wanting to go into this dirty, dusty, broke down house, with spiders and snakes and other critters, mold on the walls, ceilings falling in. a home not occupied by humans in well over 60 years! I couldn't keep her away..... and then there was our Kimmie, she wasn't scared or anything, but she just didn't want to go into a musty, dusty, dirty broken down house full of spiders and flying bugs, and possible snakes and rodents lurking in corners. it was just all ~yucky~ to her. So i guess Kimmie is Elegant in Spirit, and Patti has more "Earth" to her spirit than i originally thought.
Well i have a long doctor appointment in Pittsburgh today... I really want to nip these lung and stomach problems before they become chronic and permanent. I really don't want a 4 year major lung infection streak this year!!!
Patti and Kim, my home is open to you guys any time.......
Kellie, you were in our thoughts and prayers this weekend.... we love ya girl. and Christina, what can I even say....... my bestest friend for years
I love you all !!!! True Friends, a small taste of Heaven on Earth


Patti's Parlor said...

For the record, emmmm, Sandi said "add cinnamon, allspice and cornstarch". No mention of the *S* word, just sayin'.
I had a fantastic time. Thank you so much.
You are a great hoster ;-}
I was just downloading my pics and I do see a man in a tophat in the upstairs window (backside of the house). I'm sure it's just a shadow!
Love younz!

Gina said...

Aw gee, I'm blushing! lol
And I thought Bill was a very good hostess, too.