Saturday, December 13, 2008

No internet, No phone.... on leave......

Just a brief posting...... first and foremost, absolutely beautiful here.... i have a picture, when i download it I will post it. the snow is thick, heavy and sticky.......clinging to everything.
I have not had land line (home) phone or the Internet on and off for 3 days. just came back on about 2 hours ago.
The kids and i just decorated the tree, doing a good house cleaning.... and making stuffed shells and ham.
Not able to eat much right now, even if I eat a little my tummy bloats up so bad...... the doctor isn't positive if the Duodenal Ulcer (from April) has "erupted" again or not, but she could tell my stomach is inflamed. i am to take protonix twice a day for a month..... and try to eliminate stressful situations..... she knows about the stress i am having on the job. therefore she put me on medical leave. so I get re-evaluated in a month. I am assuming she can do that!!! I mean what can the company do... i have an incredible history of stomach trouble and i have been under a doctors care for over a year.....
My doctor offered to give me something for my nerves......... just temporary and I told her No, that i will deal with this situation as best as i can, and if a medical leave does keep me from work, i should be fine.
well i gotta go, tons to do.
love to all,

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Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention about buck, that alex sent me. its my dog. i can't get rid of it!