Friday, December 19, 2008

Didn't God Promise............!!!!

Just making sure, that God did promise that he would never destroy the Earth with a flood.... I mean i live on top of a hill....... and even i may start to worry soon. it has rained and rained and rained, Didn't even know there was a creek in front of our house until now as i watch it flood. What a miserable yuk day.
waiting for Christina to come and pick me up to continue cleaning and moving Megan and Mike in.
I am sore, and Johnny is letting us "off" this week cause he said what we are doing is a work out..... i wore my pedometer yesterday and i clocked on 15000 steps. lots of errands in the morning and lots of walking down at Mike and Megan's house....... my muscles are sore, but when i hit the pillow last night.......... i slept so well.
well i'll try to blog more, Chris is here

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