Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Laura Ingalls Wilder~~~

that's what i feel like this week, and i must say it is not a bad thing either, first we lost our TV cable, then the phone and the Internet again.... (3 consecutive days) and then wouldn't you know do you remember a couple days ago...... when we hit the coldest day of the year, when the temp was 0 and -20 wind chill? yeah that day! Well our furnace decided to break for good. , i must admit at first i thought gee what an inconvenience...... and then i just relaxed and accepted!!!! what else can i do. how blessed we are to have a fire place up stairs and a wood burner stove down stairs! tons of wood and 3 very strong healthy boys.... the living areas stay warm but the bedrooms are cold....... it brings back childhood memories, i grew up in a bedroom without heat, were we could see our thin cloudy breath... where there was at least an inch of ice on the inside of the window from December until February. I'd climb into an ice cold bed piled high with big old blankets and quilts, i'd shiver underneath the cool sheets and slowly let my body heat the covers.... and drift off to sleep.............ahhh, i didn't even know I was lacking something called Heat!!! So today we got the Cable back, the kids have more layers on, everyone is hanging out in the living room in front of the fire place...... watching tv, eating and drinking hot chocolate......... I am humbled in my thoughts, Thinking about the homeless, and families that can't afford to heat their homes....... and i am blessed.

Christmas is simple this year, and i am thrilled, we didn't go crazy on the kids, and actually they asked for just a couple of things. the kids will go to Albert's parents, Bill and I plan on chilling in front of the fire, watch old Christmas movies, and i am making a light version of Seafood Alfredo over linguine and a nice salad. I'll do Christmas Breakfast for the kids, sausage, french toast, scalloped apples, and blueberry coffee cake... I am so happy and so content,........

I had my meeting with my life coach today, it went great. I lost 6 pounds (2pounds a week x 3 weeks) . so here it is during the holidays....... still losing weight, and actually losing more than my 1 lb. a week. I will have 3 more phone call meetings and then 1 more face to face visit before the first 6 months are up........ Amie said that i have "embraced" the PREP program more than anyone else that she knows........ and i must say that I have, God has really helped me in this journey. and i have an incredible support system in friends and family.....and I owe so much to my bestest friend and work out buddy Christina....... i just know how you are ... and if you see me lose focus, i can just HEAR you tell me now........ How about a walk tomorrow if the weather allows and if you have any time, let me know......
Well i am not sure how long i will be in the communicating world..... so if I can't get back on line......... Have a Merry Christmas, ........ and enjoy who you are and the moment you are in...... God Bless You,

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