Saturday, November 28, 2009


it has been a Wonderful couple of day's, Thanksgiving was one of the best ones ever. The kids went to their grandparents for lunch, and Bill and i went to Christina and Larry's. it was just a warm comfortable time, no stress at all. i was able to eat a small plate of food. didn't taste every thing, but tasted everything i wanted to. ate slowly and enjoyed every bite. After lunch, Bill, me and the kids decided to go to the movies... the boys didn't think they wanted to see a Chick flick, so they went to see some movie with guns. Katie went with Us to see Blind Side..... One of the best movies i've ever seen. it was a feel good movie, lots of laughs as well as "feel good" tears. I definately plan on seeing this movie again. In light of losing my foster son Corey a couple of months ago, i was concerned that this movie would make me sad, or make me feel like i failed my boy. But on the contrary it did not. Instead in made me more aware than ever, that it took The young Man to WANT to succeed, as well as his MOM to push for him. it took both of them to make a success story out of an abused/neglected homeless boy. I came out of the movie, knowing that i did all that I could, and in Part Corey needed to want to succeed, to give a part of himself, that he wasn't able to do. After the movie, the boys had some friends over, and for our Thanksgiving Dinner, we stood around the bar/counter eating Pizza bites, and Chicken bites, laughing and talking and just enjoying family time.
without a doubt, Bill is the best "Dad" there is. Sammy and his friends wanted to go to Black Friday so bad, I wasn't gonna touch that request. But Bill, with a smile, got up at 4am, took (3) 14 year old boys shopping, He stayed in town for 4 hours waiting for them to get done, just so he would be "around" if something happened. brought them back home, all with huge smiles on their faces..... I told Christina, she better NOT hear me complain about Bill for one week LOL.
I must say I did not feel well at all yesterday, at first in the morning i actually thought I was coming down with something, i had a sore throat, body aches, ... and by surprise, I got an incredible Light show, actually could not see for about 20 minutes. the bad thing is, i did not have my Maxalt which prevents the migraine from occuring. and my doctor's office was closed, i do not take Oral pain medication as a rule, esp. Mortrin or any other anti inflamatory because of having the LapBand. So I did what i could do, went to bed to see if I could sleep it off.... i did sleep, but it hurt even in my sleep.... and i woke up to a full fledged Migraine Headache!!! I was still perplexed as to why I got one, being that they only come around "THAT TIME" for me... well low and behold, "THAT" came too. so at bedtime i had a massive headache, and nasty cramps... and sinus congestion. I took a dose of Nyquil. and boom i was sleeping before i knew it......... I woke up this AM feeling weak, tired, but much better that yesterday. I think i will still take it easy today too. Family is supposed to get together for Thanksgiving at 2pm, i still may go. Bill has been wonderful, i am getting coffee in bed, breakfast in bed, he cleaned the house, rubbed my feet with lotion, taking care of the suppers.... ahh I am a blessed blessed woman.
Well time to get off this computer for now. I recommend EVERYONE go and see the Blind Side....... you won't regret going

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Patti's Parlor said...

Blind Side - Chick flick?
I'm glad you enjoyed it. JM said "it makes your soul feel good".