Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~*~ hiking and the bald Eagle

So i did get to go for a hike yesterday, Christina and I, Juneau and Dixie. at first i was worried about Christina's grandpuppy coming, she can get pretty bitchy at times, esp with other dogs. Christina could easily be a dog whisperer, she doesn't get nervous around dogs at all, so she wanted to try. she also took into consideration that MY one hundred and thirty pound wolf of a dog, has the most gentle spirit i've ever seen in a dog. Chris was right the dogs were fine. We hiked at Conemaugh, doing the 4 mile loop. Dixie, never slowed down, so coming back to the car, juneau and i where walking slightly behind, I look up in the tree's and i was shocked to see the bald eagle, he was low enough, and as a rule unless an Eagle is high enough to be a part of the wind current, they do not soar, not like a buzzard or other type of Birds of Prey. i haven't seen one in a while, and per the forest rangers that are at conemaugh, they do not have nests in the area, and only come to the river during summer months to fish. well maybe they do have a nest around. by the time Christina came back to where i was standing, the bird was too far away to see it. so we continue on our way. . . well a few hundred yards before we got to the car, while crossing a bridge, i look up and there is an eagle, pretty high up, and he was soaring...... i was SO excited, Christina saw this one. and she was thrilled, but not nearly as thrilled as me LOL. ( hey i love Eagles) I have no idea if it was the same one, and he came back just for Christina to see him too. Or, was it another one, and if that is the case, then there just may be a nest around. any rate, i was happy to see him, and now i want to go hike again, and more often.
Well i felt pretty good afterwards, not too sore, Juneau is beat. but i think i'll go this morning.


Kellie said...

I would like to think that that Eagle has been with you the whole hike... watching over you in spirit and flight. Just a thought. Very awesome to see.
Love ya

Sandi said...

funny you say that, because when i saw the eagle a second time, just soaring above us, that thought went through my mind, and ask Christina, i am still "amazed" by it.