Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Life as it is~~~~

Well, football is over, class for DBT training is over, and it looks like my schedule is working out pretty good. didn't enjoy any of this yet though, Katie had the flu, i took her to the Urgent care unit that just opened for IMRC. The ER doctor said it is more than likely the N1 H1, she ran a fever, and the chills body ached so bad she didn't want to move, sore throat, head ache, nausea and vomiting, out of the criteria they were looking at she had ALL the symptoms.She is miserable sick, and she is a VERY difficult patient, she doesn't like to be "cooped" up, but i must say she was so sick this time, she didn't care, she slept, drank, and took her medications. She likes me around though, she is 20 and still wants her mom there when she is sick, drives me nuts :-). although she gets tired fast, i must say she is feeling much better.
Andrew's last football game was Friday, and at the last minute i decided to let Katie home for a few hours, i mean really what could i do for her? So proud of Andrew, i love watching him play. Sammy's last game was Thursday, and they were undefeated this season, Sam had two touch downs, and tons of one man tackles, to beat the only other undefeated team. He'll be fun to watch next year too.
Sat early in the morning, Bill and I will be heading somewhere...... just to get a away for a few days, we will be back on Tuesday night. I love road trips, and i really could use a break.
I went to the gym on Sunday, and my body still is feeling it. I hate when i go alone for the very reason that he doesn't take his eyes off of me...... can't sneak a second in anywhere. He is really pushing me to get up there more, and he is right. and there are no excuses......... just gotta do it!!!
Friday i go for another Lapband adjustment, and i definitely need one now, no doubt, oh i am not gaining any weight or anything, but i can eat too much carbs without a major issue. so i'll get the adjustment just before i head for a mini vacation, so i guess food will not be an issue.
Not sure if Chris and I are heading to the gym today, it may be later, think she had to take her mom to an appointment this morning. but Thursday is a definite for me. today I am car less, so if Chris doesn't go, guess I'll do the elliptical for 30 minutes.....
Well i should get my butt off this computer chair, and do something with this house.
Have a great day today.


Kellie said...

Hope she is feeling better soon and no one else gets it. Enjoy your week. I am in Cleveland right now and it is snowing!!!! UGGH

Patti's Parlor said...

Enjoy your getaway!