Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vacation and living with the Lapband

First let me tell you...... i had a wonderful, much needed vacation with my husband. He took me down South to visit his sister, (whom i love dearly) and visit some quaint historical southern towns. let me rewind back to Friday...... as i was heading out the door for my appointment in Pittsburgh, i get a phone call and they had to cancel my appointment. for a spit second disappointment, and then i just figured it would be better that i didn't. because, i was going to get a 1cc adjustment, which would mean a good 24 to 72 hrs of liquids, to soft to regular. and IF there was any problem after the adjustment, i would have been over 500 miles away. so it just worked better. time wasn't wasted though,..... and let me rewind further,...... on Wednesday i get a phone call from the high school, Andrew had injured his ankle, and he couldn't walk on it, so i arranged for him to get an Xray in which his grandparents took him......... i found out Thursday that, there was indeed something wrong with his ankle and he needed to see a specialist, so fast forward back to Friday...... i called to schedule him an appointment for the next week, HOWEVER as luck would have it, they had an opening at 10:30 am, on that very day... i took it........... so long story short, Andrew has a broken ankle!!!, all is well, and i don't even sweat a broken ankle, after going through head injuries, and total facial reconstructions....... ankle is doable!!!

AND for the big news, I dropped 3lbs over the mini vacation, and food was not the focus, and i didn't even think about it. Bill and I used to "snack" during the entire road trip, well we stopped to eat a healthy meal every 3 or 4 hours, and since i can't do fast food well, we picked places where i could order a normal meal. we did take some almonds and apples, and water, ... but that was about it. I told Bill, that i didn't realize how much i've changed, until i really thought about it. I could eat normal meals, could not finish any plate, but ate all kinds of food.
Only had one issue coming home, we left about 4am, and stopped at about 7 am for breakfast at IHOP, i love the multi grain pancakes, but just a taste, i am not a pancake person, hate sweet anything for breakfast, so i ordered an omelet, with a side of the harvest grain pancake..... i should know by now that i am too tight in the mornings this early to eat much of anything, so i took a bite, maybe two, maybe three..... and then i got "stuck", i felt worse before, but still i wasn't comfortable, i sat there about ten minutes, no luck, went to the bathroom to spit the much built up saliva, did some stretches, spit some more..... and after about 15 minutes more, i got it moving again, i was able to eat 1/4th of the omelet, and about 1/2 of the pancake... plenty, and it kept me totally full until we ate again at 2pm., Bill and I laughed remembering the last time we were at an IHOP, which was a while ago,.... i ate the entire omelet, 2 of the pancakes, and was ready to eat again two hours later, even while i snacked the entire time between those two hours... wow times have changed, photos of Bill and I are tolerable to see now, they came out blurry, or i blinked, or something like that, but i couldn't help noticing how much i am changing........ slow and steady........ I am so happy :0)
tomorrow I'll call and reschedule for my adjustment, I'd like to have it done before the holidays come in full swing.... i think it will help even more.
no matter where i go....... there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME, good night


Patti's Parlor said...

Sounds like you're doing great with the LB.
((hugs)) to Andrew.

Kellie said...

Hey there!!!!!!! Glad you had a great time away!!! Sorry about Andrew and the ankle. I soooo understand not sweating broken bones these days. Hope all is well with everyone else. Talk to ya soon!