Thursday, November 12, 2009

~> the only one!!!!

Yesterday i call the Pittsburgh Office where i go for my Lapband, so i could reschedule for a much needed adjustment~ so i call and the receptionist hesitantly responses with ....." oh we aren't scheduling anyone for lapband adjustment right now!" i say that I guess it's difficult with Mike gone. she proceeds to tell me that not only did Mike leave, but so did Tara and the one that was doing the adjustments was in a car accident!!! I immediately asked if He was okay ? and then i just said, well it is way more important that he is okay, than me getting an adjustment, there is a brief silence on the other end, and then I am told out of many many many people calling in, I was the ONLY one that didn't get upset or show frustration. How sad is that? It isn't like i am having cancer treatments, or major illness treatments postponed. Its a Lapband People........ just a lap band adjustment...... i told her I wish Bill (who was in the accident) the best, and I'll pray that everything is okay. I guess they had a major meeting yesterday to decide what can be done, and they think I'll get the adjustment hopefully end of this year, or first of next year. WHAT WILL BE, WILL BE!!!
as in previous blogs you can tell, that my band is still giving me restriction, granted, not as much as it was a month or so ago. And ultimately I am responsible for my weight loss, not a piece of plastic. oh and Patti, i appreciate what you said in your blog yesterday... because with the lapband, i must exercise, and monitor what I eat, the lapband does nothing on it's own. And if someone out there is thinking about a lapband as a magic way to lose weight, you are going to be so disappointed, cause let me tell you it is hard work.
So the lapband does prevent me from eating the quantity of food at one time, but it is easy to eat over the lapband restrictions, by waiting a little, even as short as thirty minutes, and then eating again, and snacking alot in between. so i will have to make a conscious effort to eat 3 meals and one small snack, and i am REALLY going to have to get a better exercise routine going..... If I was to have an adjustment now, i would have, so i just figure that i'll trust that it isn't something I am supposed to have right now, and i am more than okay with that.
Well, i better get going, i think i am going to have a long day at work... and i want to get there early, because i have a feeling with me on Vacation, things have piled up.
Have a great day

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Chris said...

All I can say, is that those eyes of your are "damn scary"! I have to scroll real fast while I read so that I don't get freaked out!! ;)