Monday, November 16, 2009

So easily distracted......

yesterday morning, Bill decided to take me and Christina to the gym, he loves taking me places, he figured he could drop me off at the gym's door, and come back 1/2 hour later. Andrew also decided to go too, just to observe Johnny working with Christina and I. So we get about 5 minutes away from the gym,......... and I get a text from Johnny, a "massive headache". ( i think a massive hangover). Christina jokingly say's, gee i think we should just go for pancakes!!!, Didn't take any more pursuation than that. we decided to skip the gym, and go for breakfast, it was actually a very nice time. one, i can't do pancakes, and two, i don't like "sweet" for breakfast. but i did have 1/2 of an omlette. Andrew came home from a friends early in the morning JUST to go see John, at first he wasn't too happy, BUT, he Loves his Christina so that made up for it. Ever since a couple years ago, when Andrew had that severe concussion, HE and Christina became really good buddies. He really does adore her, all my kids do.
Okay seriously, we could have gone to the gym, but having breakfast isn't a big deal. But I do really need to make exercise a priority! it is so easy to get out of a groove. so therefore i NEED to get back in it. NO EXCUSES! I think I am doing well with my eating, but i have to have both of the equations, I need both exercise and diet to be in "harmony" with plan. yeah i know that I am busy, yeah i know i work alot, but still. Today I am going for a hike with Juneau, I told Bill to take the Jeep so that i can have the old tracker......or what i call the Dog Taxi, cause i won't put a muddy 130 lb dog in my new Jeep. I'll give Christina a call at 8am to see if she wants to go. She has been busy too, or at least we are busy at different times. But i can't use the excuse, Christina can't do it? or Johnny can't do it... I CAN walk wihtout Chris, and I can go to the gym without Johnny. besides, not only do I have access to Johnny, i have unlimited access to the gym, and Yoga class, and Aerobics class, and Zumba class and Pilaties class. I have a high end Eliptical machine as well as an entire "gym" in my own home. I live right in the center of dozens of Trails...... no excuse Sandra Marie ;0)
Well i should get the house in order, think i am going to make a meatloaf for supper tonight, and then i want to get my schedule out and plan my exercise for the week. I will write it in.....and see if i can keep myself accountable.
On a last note........ i had a WONDERFUL day yesterday. there is so much peace and calmness in my home, i can't even explain it, but it is there. I am happy!!!

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Kellie said...

Yay for being HAPPY and at PEACE!!!
Love ya