Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Water aerobics vs Frozen Cherry Mocha Land

I could tell you that we went to water aerobics last night, and it was one hell of a work out, and i was sweating when i was done, even in the water. that however would be a lie. Oh we did go to water aerobics, yes we did wear our bathing suits, yes we were ready to get in the pool. Chris and i acted like we knew what we were doing........ there was one other lady there, Christina said she has been in her class before. well the therapist started to work with the one lady already in the water, I looked at Christina, things weren't right........ well it ended up they changed the water aerobics date from monday to tuesday, and actually we were right in the middle of a pt's therapy session. what are two girls to do? well i will tell you what two girls did. we went to the local Sheetz and had a frozen Cherry mocha land drink, all deliciousness. we did use skim milk, and there was the option of sugar free chocolate. I don't do sugar free though. it was so good, and well worth it. Thank goodness we did hike that morning, and the water aerobics was going to be our second exercise. We do a 5k every time we hike, and sometime we go to a 10k or further. and on this day we did just over a 5k (*3.1 miles) we did 3.3 miles. I need to figure out how to put two resistance training workouts to my schedule in a week. it is just as important as the cardio that i do. I think i am going to try the no added sugar challenge again, and hoping to get past 5 days. this time i will let my husband know in advance that i don't want sweets. so when to begin........ maybe today, maybe tomorrow...
have a great day

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