Wednesday, June 09, 2010

And what has been going on in my life?

lets see, Andrew Graduated on Friday. i must admit, i was just plain old sad and depressed the entire day. couldn't help but remember him as a baby....... and the phases of childhood, knowing that on friday...... one chapter was closed and a new chapter opened. I was fine right after the ceremony....... it was just leading up to it that seemed to bother me. Nothing is really going to change yet, Andrew is going to school at IUP (20 minutes away) he is staying at home. Katie is also going to IUP she too is staying at home. so proud of both these kids..... they both work two jobs. Andrew was doing high school and college at the same time, and Katie was doing college full time. i love the work ethics that they show so early in age. Sammy is 15 and just going through life with a grin on his face.......... we shall see how he does.
I've been hiking faithfully, and actually i think i am addicted to it. After speaking with my brother, he encouraged me to take a day or two off a week. stating that hiking uneven trails, and steep hills (climbing both up and down) are stressful on the joints and they need time to recover. so i've been going 5 days and once in a while 6 days. yesterday Katie and i went early in the morning, and instead of avoiding the steep hills, i plan my route to include as many as i can. and my heart rate does go up, not nearly as high as it did 2 months ago. BUT it recovers almost instantly.
lets see what else, oh i have my work scheduled worked out now that i can get the same amount of hours in 3 days and not 4. so i work 3 days and am off 4 days. which works for me as i've increased more me time for hiking and upping my level of fitness. I think Christina and i are going to start hiking at some local state parks, to change it up a little.
my no added sugar challenge lasted 5 and 1/2 days, and then Bill not knowing i was trying this challenge got me a small piece of my yummy favorite dessert.. lemon pie. He is not a saboteur, because he knows that i do not deny myself of a taste of anything now. but he did not know the NO sugar challenge i was doing. and but of course, i was "forced" to eat the pie LOL. so i am now on my second day of no added sugar........ lets see if i can beat the 5 days.
maybe you are getting tired of hearing this , but i feel so damn good....... no joint aches, i have increased energy......... but come bedtime........ i am so ready to sleep, and sleep soundly until my internal alarm clock goes off at 5:45 am.
i may start water aerobics next week two days a week, still hike 5 days a week, but i'll make sure that i take at least one day off from everything. Loving the Krill oil............ Loving my B vitamins....... loving my flax oil and seeds........... looking forward to my next doctor appointment in July I will try to blog more often, i mean gee Chris blogged twice in a week, what is up with that.
sending Love to my chums Patti, Chris and Kelly .. miss you all :0)

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Patti's Parlor said...

I will never get tired of hearing that you feel great!
Hmmmm, maybe that's what friends are for. Thru good times and bad times. Hey, maybe I could get a side gig working for Halmark!
Love you! Glad we got some catch up time last night.